Inland Trucking

STS considers a leader in the field of Inland transport to all parts of the Republic and all means of  transportation (light – medium – heavy – abnormal loads). The company deposited in the General Authority for Roads and Bridges letter of guarantee in order to open a unique work permits for all lengths and prominence of by the General Authority for Roads, Bridges and General Directorate of Traffic by the fastest time and lowest possible cost 


Custom Clearance Services

STS is a premium company in the field of customs clearance of all kinds (Import , Export , Transit  and Special customs systems). The company is reportedly the work of the accounting adjustments to allow for the temporary duties ( Drawback) by using a very distinct accounting team.  


International Freight Services

serv_3Sea freight

* International ocean export/import
* Door to door service
* Transportation of over-sized and hazardous cargo.

serv_4Air freight

*  International air export/import  
*  Door to door service  

serv_5International trucking  freight

*STS provides International Trucks of all kinds to and from all the Arab countries through our agents in all the Arab countries as well as work visas to cross the traffic of trucks to the limits of the Arabs. 

ser_6Fumigation Services

* STS provides the services in the inspection and fumigation of parcels and pallets of wood and container carrier of goods and agricultural extraction of certificates and records of fumigation through the major companies accredited to the Ministry of Agriculture and Quarantine

serv_7Export Services

* STS provides export services for other exporters through the  export of all Egyptian  products.
* Service packaging and processing of the product to  complete the export process with skill  and mastery.
* Customs clearance services within the company’s website  and follow up the message until the final point  of export.
* Extraction of photographs of the sales, foreign trade and  follow-up support fund.